ESL Academic Editing

ESL Academic Editing includes a revision of the word choice, grammar, syntaxis (phrasing), spelling, style, tone, consistency, clarity, and flow of the text. I view each manuscript as an unpolished gem and aim to make your ideas and findings shine through polishing the English and adhering to an appropriate style for an academic or scientific audience.
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My Philosophy

I consider excellent academic and scientific writing to be one part science and once part art. The science comes into play when I aim to precisely communicate your research while adhering to grammatical conventions and best practices and conventions in academic and technical writing. The art comes into play when I try to present your text in the best possible light—there is always a bit a creativity involved in choosing the right words, connecting the ideas within a text, and working with content to make it as engaging as possible.

Ultimately, excellent writing has good grammatical and syntactical foundations, but it is the author’s touch, creativity, and voice that makes a text shine. This may include the unique way that an author tells a story or makes an argument as well as the style and tone of a text. I always aim to highlight the author’s voice while also adjusting the tone and style of a text according to the desired publication and audience.

This perspective separates me from other translators and editors and motivates me to continue exploring and perfecting what creates an excellent piece of academic or scientific writing.




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