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• I have field-specific knowledge and expertise in academic and technical writing.


• I was a writer before becoming a translator. I love reading and writing in English and Spanish and am constantly educating myself on new developments in my subject areas.


• I not only aim to remove language barriers and problems that are specific to the writing of English as a second language (ESL) learners but also create manuscripts that are well-written and enjoyable to read.


• I offer high-quality service that is personalized to your individual and professional goals.

When I begin to translate a manuscript, I take into consideration the following goals:


1) I translate information accurately. Precision is very important in academic and technical writing, and the message should be communicated with the same clarity and nuance as in the original manuscript.


2) I consider best practices in technical writing. This means explaining technical information in a straightforward manner and maintaining consistency in terms of style and vocabulary. My default style guide is the one published by the Council of Science Editors (CSE), although I have experience in other styles as well.


3) I create manuscripts that read well from start to finish. I call this concept “flow,” meaning that one sentence leads into another, and the paragraphs and ideas are well-connected. If there is a problem with the flow, I try to bring this to the attention of the author.


4) I consider the end audience. I ensure that the manuscript is geared towards the end audience or publication, and I aim to achieve a tone and style that is consistent and appropriate given the  goal of the publication (i.e. publish scientific research, book chapter geared towards a general audience, proposal for funding, etc.).



My translation philosophy:




I have been translating for 3+ years. I find it very rewarding to help researchers and other professionals achieve their own professional goals by helping with them write and publish their work in English.


I enjoy translating because I love reading and writing. I am always learning about new scientific research and regularly read Nature and Science, and other magazines, like Smithsonian, Popular Science, and Orion, which are some of my favorite publications.


I graduated with a B.A. from the University of California, San Diego, and finished my Master’s degree (M.S.) at The Ecology Institute, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico. I got my start translating at The Ecology Institute by helping other colleagues. I was impressed by the quality of their research and felt that it was unfair that language should serve as a barrier to communicating their research findings.


My main focus is on technical and academic writing and translating. I have concentrated on translating subject areas in the environmental and social sciences, but I have also worked with a broad range of themes in chemistry, urban and territorial planning, food science, tourism, and agronomy. I even once translated a children’s book!


When I am not translating or writing, some of my favorite activities include hiking, being in nature, and watching documentary films.



My background:



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